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--- E X P E C T  N O T H I N G  L E S S ---

Simply Pondz are fully qualified aquatic technicians and also have over 11 years trade experience. Not only are our qualifications and experience important, we strive to supply a high level of customer service where most of our work comes from word of mouth recommendations.

Don't just take our word for it, see what some of our customers have to say. View our customer testimonial section, click here.

In November 2014, Simply Pondz became member of Checkatrade, since joining we had over 100 customer reviews, averaging 9.9 in our first year as members.

Our most popular service especially in the summer months is pond cleaning. However our pond services vary greatly from pond construction, pond maintenance and servicing, pond re-lining and repairs, full maintenance contracts are also available.

Set up in 2005 by Darren Litherland, Simply Pondz has grown quickly into a successful business by offering our clients an efficient and affordable service.

--- V E G E T A T I O N  C O N T R O L ---

Our lake management and weed control services in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire are also available across the UK. We use specialist machinery to ensure that the job is dealt with correctly and also that we leave a minimul footprint to banks and surrounding areas.

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Simply Pondz use Amphibious Machines not only for vegetation control but also for a host of other problems such as dredging/silt pumping, excavating and more. The above before and after picture only took 1 and a half days to completely overhaul this natural pond in West Sussex.

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For more information on lake managment and how we can help you, click here.

--- N E W  S H O P ---

We are currently in the process of intorducing a new company where we can offer all our current customers and new customer an online shopping feature. Our online shop is amost finished however it is now fully functional and ready to take orders with more fantastic products to be added daily.

Our new sister company is called UK Pond Supplies ( Not only do we have great products at competitive prices, we also offer FREE UK Delivery on all orders placed over £50

With all the years of experience in installing and selling to our customers on site at their property, we thought it was only natural to branch out by selling to new customers online across the UK offering the same great prices and most of all an excellent customer service.

Here are a few items available, currently they are for collection only or if you have a job booked in, we can bring your items with us.

--- P O N D  C O N S T R U C T I O N ---

Choose correctly the first time

Let's face it, if you wanted a conservatory built, you would employ a reputable builder not a mechanic. Or If you were designing a new house, you would hire an architect not an accountant.

So if you would like to have a pond built, seek the help of a firm that specialises in this trade, not a builder or a landscape gardener. 

Throughout the year we are called out by customers that have employed either a builder or landscape gardener to construct a them a pond. In most cases, they have spent a fortune on something that may look nice on first glance but on closer inspection incorrect materials have been used, walls are not parallel or even level, filter systems are completely miss matched to the type of fish stock and water volume, pipework isn't appropriate or laid correctly, the filter space is too small for a filter to be installed, the list carries on.

It's vital to get it right the first time as in most instances to rectify an issue post build stage is usually a big job and costly which could have been an easy fix at pre-build stage.

How we can help

Simply Pondz can design and build your pond from start to finish. From small to large natural ponds or to the more specialist koi pond using only the correct materials, equipment and most importantly the know how to finish the job correctly.

We would only use materials that would provide longevity to your ponds life. There is no point cutting corners here. There is nothing worse than an un-level pond, all our levels are found using lasers.

Equipment is key, you can build the flashiest pond but without the correct kit, the water will go green and in worst cases the water could become unhealthy for your fish. We specialise in filter system selection and installation. We would recommend when selecting your budget, than rather spending more on a fancy water feature, perhaps make a cut back on this to spend more on your filters, you will thank us later.

What other firms may not know is that if designed correctly, you can build a pond to work for you making maintenance a breeze. This would mean that water entry and exit points are strategically placed with suitable water flow to help debris/waste to exit the pond to your filter system just as quick as it entered it.

To finish a pond, it's important to get the edging right. Decent edging fitted properly will give your pond a nice solid look and feel.

--- I T ' S  A  W E E  B I T   N I P P Y ---

We are regularly asked by new and existing clients whether it is OK to clean your pond in the winter. In fact it is one the best times of year to have this work undertaken.

With cooler water temperatures, the dissolved oxygen levels are high compared to the summer months which levels drop quickly. With these low temperatures your fishes metabolism will be very low which means low harmful waste levels in the pond. 

Majority of the neighboring trees will have dropped off most of their leaves, your pond plants will have died back which will sit on the bottom and break down causing silt levels too rise.

Even better (especially for the unfiltered pond) once the pond has been cleaned out, without the warm sunshine present the water will stay clearer for longer.

We continue to work all year long, if you would like a free quotation for any type of work listed below, please feel free to contact us on 0800 689 1408.

Pond cleaning - Building & construction - Filtration installations - Pond lining & repairs - Vegetation control and more...

--- W E  C O V E R ---

Based in Worthing, West Sussex, our pond cleaning and pond services cover East Sussex and West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

Majority of pond cleaning and pond services work is from Worthing, Brighton, Eastbourne, Portsmouth, Chichester, Horsham, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Gatwick and Crawley.

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--- L E T ' S  H E A R  I T ---

Pond removal


"We are very pleased indeed with the way Simply Pondz approached the difficult project in our garden, which as you know involved re-homing around 70 fish, filling in a very large pond and completing attractive landscaping. The service you provided was very helpful and professional at every stage.

We are delighted with the completed project..."

Mr M Cardwell, Eastbourne -  East Sussex

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Pond refurbishment


"Simply Pondz has done a great job on my pond giving it a complete new look! I would recommend them without hesitation..."

Mrs P Jones, Brighton - East Sussex

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Full pond drain & clean


"We inherited our fish pond when we moved house, not knowing how to maintain it. The pond water was pea green in colour and so dirty we could hardly see a fish.  It has been completely transformed from a murky mire to an attractive feature.

I have no hesitation in recommending Simply Pondz..."

Harry & Lynda, Findon - West Sussex

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